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WYSIWYG* What you see is what you get

The one question every business owner should ask – how can we help alleviate a pain point for our customers? The seemingly obvious answer is often not so simple to arrive at!

We have realized through our interactions with several organisations– medium, small and even large, that most companies think about this on a daily basis yet do not have a written down, documented set of key messages. This leads to inconsistencies across the leadership and varying degrees of confusion amongst the customer facing team. Everyone has their own version of the story.

Key messages are derived through an extensive interaction between key leaders of an organisation and through an explicit effort to derive the same. It doesn’t happen with one leader thinking of something and penning it down to circulate amongst the team. This often results in a lack of commitment or alignment from the team and it becomes subject to change whenever the situation demands something different.
Here’s another thought: Create a distinctive but consistent look

Create something which is easy to recognize and connect back to. Most senior leaders overlook the emphasis on the consistency that should lie at the heart of creating something unique. The most effective means of accomplishing this can be visual identity. New and interesting creatives often hook leaders and recognition is sacrificed. Imagine if your face was different every time you met your client. There would be no trust. Similarly, you may change some things but some things about your outreach campaigns should stay consistent to enable recognition.

In today’s day and age, where someone can pass you by through a flick of a thumb, make sure that if someone has an interest in your products or services, any communication from you clearly reminds him of that interest through immediate visual recognition and recall, even before he starts reading. Arrest her/him first through visual recognition.
One more crucial thought: Create an infrastructure first

Like almost everything else, marketing also requires that you build a foundation. Build a foundation, so as to have an infrastructure in place before you start your campaigns. If not, you will spend a lot of money to convert your client and end up losing her/him because you are not ready to take them through the entire decision making process – your marketing infrastructure is not ready to provide the client more details, help them decide, help them buy, make payments, etc. Go through the entire decision-making and purchase process. Simulate and test the same for multiple individuals. Make sure that you have a mature process in place to deal with a customer who shows interest in your products and/or services. A lead needs to be converted into a sale. Only then you should launch a campaign to bring in customers to your online or offline setup.

More on this topic in another blog soon. Let’s take a small break. How did you fare on these three points? Care to share your status on this with us for a free assessment? We have been busy simplifying messages, making them consistent with business plans and customer pain points. Easy to understand, simple to remember – that is what we help you with.

The Aaroh experience – no Jargon, no marketing speak, no tech speak. Just clear business goals, audience pain points and clear messages for your customers.

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