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Aaroh enables businesses to stay on top of industry trends by adding value to their business through the incorporation of advanced digital marketing strategy. We, as digital marketing consultants, advise, plan and do in-depth research to ensure that the client’s business is utilizing the digital marketing services to it’s maximum potential in order to achieve their ultimate marketing objectives.

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Aaroh, at first defines the client’s marketing strategies and then operationalizes as well as executes them to establish a strong foothold on the online medium. Our expertise in Digital marketing allows businesses to leverage different online channels to target the end customers in a better way. The usage of the latest marketing tools, technology, and trends enables us to help the SMEs effectively reach out to their audiences. The need for digital marketing consultants is at an all-time high. Being a digital marketing consultant, we understand how crucial is internet as a marketing tool and how we could effectively use it to market the brand of our clients.

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    Aaroh, as a digital marketing consultant, enables the clients to expand their business and move into newer markets by improving their success rate as well as boosting their revenue. Aaroh works on having in place a strong strategy by setting realistic goals that are achievable and would aid their progress in terms of reaching their goals. In today’s technology-focused world, the role of online marketing consultants is understood by Aaroh and thus the focus continues to remain on helping clients business reach the top of the success ladder.

    Our key Digital Marketing Services are listed below:

    • Social Media Marketing – Aaroh’s social media marketing service assists client to grow and expand their business reach. It increases the brand exposure and broadens the customer reach. Aaroh has many components under social media marketing that would benefit the customers post aligning the goals to their business objectives.
    • Digital Advertising – Aaroh’s digital advertising services enables the clients to reach the right people with the right message at the right time. Aaroh enables businesses to leverage Internet technologies to deliver promotional advertisements and messages to the end customers.
    • Website Development – Aaroh specializes in website development that is perfectly aligned with the business requirements of our clients. The digital marketing consultant and rest of the team carry out the entire lifecycle of gathering information, planning, designing, content writing, testing, launching and maintenance with utmost precision.

    • Search Engine Optimization – Aaroh helps the clients to increase their business online visibility by making the website user-friendly, faster and easier to navigate. Thus, helping to improve the search engine ranking. The team of specialists ensure increased amount of traffic, leads, clients, revenue and thereby assuring growth.
    • Email Marketing and Analytics – Aaroh chooses the right messaging for the right audience. We also deal with the entire process from designing the emailer to that perfect “call for action”. We adopt this highly effective digital marketing strategy to nurture leads and turn them into customers.

    Aaroh’s team specializes in developing and implementing results-oriented marketing strategies for clients across various domains. Aaroh develops a detailed roadmap that outlines your marketing campaigns within budget and timelines. Aaroh Marketing and Communications combines in-depth customer insights with practical expertise in operations to help clients create sustainable organic growth.

    Learn what the Businesses who Outsource to Aaroh have to say About us

    Saintgits has a relationship of trust with Aaroh Marketing and Communications. Often they have fiduciary responsibility of a significant part of our marketing budgets. Alignment to our objectives and transparency in the reporting have ensured that we develop a completely open relationship. Today, Aaroh is an integral part of our leadership team.

    Punnoose George, Chairman
    Saintgits Group of Institutions

    We recognised marketing as a key component of our growth strategy and selected Aaroh Marketing and Communications to review our marketing strategy and presence, both online and offline. Aaroh’s analysis and recommendations have been insightful, providing a refreshing, methodical approach for our customers in addition to brand alignment for our audience and online presence, amongst others. We are in the process of implementing the recommendations and will continue engaging to improve our alignment to market, audience and customers as our business grows.

    Partha Neog, CEO
    Vantage Circle

    The United States Forest Service’s recent focus has been on using various media platforms to showcase its history of working with key Indian government partners on matters of biodiversity and forestry. Aaroh Marketing and Communications helped us identify our target audience and craft a communication strategy that served our vision for this project. Our experience with Aaroh Marketing and Communications could not have been better; the professionalism and expertise provided to us was thoughtful, strategic and innovative. We are very happy with the final product and the attention it has received online. We hope to work with Aaroh Marketing and Communications again in the future.

    Julie Hundersmarck
    United States Forest Service

    Aaroh Marketing and Communications has the unique value proposition of having the capacity to construct innovation ecosystems and programming coalitions around a network alliance or organization development theme. It was a pleasure and a great learning experience working with them on the civil society organizations’ capacity building work, a vital part of the Health Finance and Governance project’s governance remit.

    Lysander Menezes, Chief of Party, Health Finance and Governance Project

    I feel proud for outsourcing my marketing to your company.

    Dinesh Mahajan, Managing Director
    Prakash Labels


    Aaroh is a leading global consulting firm providing SMEs a broad range of services to redefine their approach to their business operations. We enable SMEs to derive scale using the growth triad of Marketing, Technology and Finance.

    Aaroh is a leading global consulting firm providing SMEs a broad range of services to redefine their approach to their business operations. We enable SMEs to derive scale using the growth triad of Marketing, Technology and Finance.

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