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CTO on Demand

Whether you have decided to migrate to the cloud, or weighing up your options for automating your processes. When you consider technology evolution, you will be reviewing lots of applications, services and infrastructure that have been created over many years, by many teams, to support a huge range of business activities. Untangling this interlinked web of services without causing any disruption to your business may seem almost impossible. In reality, it can be achieved, but you need a detailed plan up front of what is the current state of affairs, what is the desirable outcome and most importantly why. 

Without a business outcome to measure the success of a project in terms of ROI, you may see little benefit from doing so.

Aaroh specialises in business and technical consulting to help an organisation shrink time and shorten distances through digital transformation. The technology changes; it could be a bespoke application, it could be customising something off the shelf or it could be deploying SD-WAN infrastructure. What does not change however is the hard work that goes in prior to the delivery of the technology.


Cloud based solution refers to on-demand services, computer networks, storage, applications or resources accessed via the internet and through another provider’s shared cloud computing infrastructure. Reduce infrastructure cost and downtime by tapping into the potential of cloud based solutions. Make data available to multiple locations instantaneously and do business on the move.

There are several benefits of moving to the cloud, the typical ones such as enhanced security, scalability and faster deployments. However, a re-platforming of your existing applications is best undertaken to achieve a business goal, start with a ‘story’ such as: “I want to move these applications to the cloud, so all my business locations have the same view of data in real time” 

Without a goal like this, you may end up migrating purely for the sake of migrating, with marginal savings. That’s why we recommend completing a cloud migration assessment before beginning the task, to ensure you understand the breadth of your estate, the dependencies and who will be impacted.

Mobile and Web apps

Make it easier for customers to interact, buy, and generally do business with you using Mobile and Web apps. Increase market reach and reduce cost of sale with custom built mobile and web apps. Start-ups and existing organisations alike are always looking for new revenue streams by offering something unique to users through digital technology.

This is of course, much easier said than done and requires a great deal of work prior to the first line of code even being written to do everything possible to ensure that your investment in a new service will be a success. Aaroh’s design thinking approach is to view any digital service as a ‘product’ and approach the ‘product’ as a user, understand who would use this product, what they would expect from it, how they would use it if they had no prior experience of using it and what they are likely to pay for to take advantage of it.

Defining this early helps ensure all parties from management, developers to potential investors have the same clearly defined objectives for the product build and a shared vision for the reason for the product to exist. We’re experienced at building products as a platform, which can allow for future integration with third parties, roadmap for future features and defining what the MVP looks like.

Business Automation: ERP, CRM, Accounting

More and more organisations are making the leap to cloud-based ERP or CRM software subscription services. ERP implementation is the process of examining current business practices, strategic planning, streamlining operating procedures, installing and testing software, cleansing and migrating data, managing change, training users, going live and maintaining support.

Aaroh will advise you on the right platforms given your business needs and licenses your organisation needs now, when your needs change and plan for those needs into your digital roadmap.


Access a wide pool of expertise and best practices of software development with our Outsourced IT services. Aaroh uses established tools and testing methodologies to deliver solutions in the shortest timelines with minimum bugs and errors.

  • Application/software development
  • Application support or management
  • Technical support or help desk
  • Database development or management
  • Telecommunications
  • Infrastructure – hardware, software and network installation and support
  • Networking and communications
  • Disaster recovery
  • Security – virus, spam and other online threat protection

Core Network Services

Computer networks, access to the internet, and applications play critical roles in business and communications. Networks provide access to data, speed, connectivity, and therefore value to the companies.

Efficient, Integrated and networked systems are at the core of every business. In a perfect world, employees, customers, and business partners would have instant, real-time access to the information from these systems and would be able to access and share easily. Unfortunately, many networks in SMEs are not designed to be most efficient and do not connect all applications and networks together at the company and industry level and getting them to work reliably. Aaroh brings in deep skills at the highest levels to adapt existing networks to ensure close to Zero downtime and high speed access to all stakeholders across locations and functions.

Enterprise Asset Management

When considering Servers, networks, printers, etc. it’s easy to become distracted by the hype that they work 24/7.But the reality is, it is still a real challenge to maintain all the IT assets and large investment is required to update and troubleshoot the systems.

This is where Aaroh can really help, and it’s by providing you an on-demand IT support personnel. You get years of experience required to troubleshoot the most challenging issues and pay for only the time they work.

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