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B2B marketing is a rational sales process that is executed in a unique way. It is lengthier as it requires more lead nurturing and focused attention to the customer experience. The process of customer buying decision is rarely linear, hence it is important to be visible at each phase of the purchase funnel. Businesses quite often opt for a B2C marketing model, wherein decisions are taken almost instantly by customers as they are driven by emotions. This isn't the case in B2B marketing, wherein the customer decisions are completely driven by logic and financial incentive.

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B2C Marketing

  • You see something - Need recognition
  • You like it, look for some variations - Evaluation of alternatives
  • You buy it - Purchase decision

B2C Marketing approach - Advertising, enticing, pushing to take quick decisions

B2B Marketing

  • You see something, you think it is a good idea - Need recognition
  • You research online and with your compatriots - Information search
  • You look at other alternatives for the product or the company, your team and you decide on a couple of options - Evaluation of alternatives
  • Negotiate, buy - Purchase decision
  • Give feedback if the experience is negative or more purchase orders or referrals if the experience is positive - Post purchase behaviour

B2B Marketing approach - Provide information favourable to you at every step and engage at every step of the purchase process.

B2B decision making framework


Customer Actions

B2B Marketing Objectives

B2B Marketing Actions

Need recognition

Customer realizes that he has a need for a particular solution

Showcase your solution, be visible, searchable

SEO, Advertising and Social media marketing

Information search

Customer conducts research online and examines reviews

Give details

Strong website, send emails

Evaluation of alternatives

Read reviews and draw comparison between products, Shares research with the other stakeholders and shortlists options

Give details regarding your solution on relevant 3rd party platforms including your own social media handles.

Ensure that your own handles are clean. Case studies are important

Purchase decision

Negotiate, discuss and make the purchase

Give reinforcement that they have taken a good decision, enable strong pricing

PR, 3rd party research presence, Video testimonials, new client/signup information

Post-purchase behavior

  • Negative experience: Provide feedback
  • Positive experience: Purchase more or refer
  • Get testimonials
  • Get referrals
  • Request for feedback
  • Tackle post purchase dissonance
  • Request for referrals


Marketing helps expand the market. New customers at scale comes at a predictable frequency only through marketing. B2B marketing purchase decision process is completely different from the B2C purchase decision making process. Aligning your marketing to each step of the decision making process is key to generating new customers and closing your sales.

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