Victorian Heart and Lung Clinic is a leading Cardio-Thoracic Clinic attached to one of the largest hospitals in Melbourne – Cabrini. With highly qualified consultants, the Clinic had a lot of respect among general practitioners in and around Melbourne. Aaroh transformed their online presence and prioritised the objective of their core team members by building a positioning to project them in the appropriately as clinicians first.

CMO On Demand: Positioning and Key messages

  • Key messaging document to understand the brand, its purpose.
  • Developed the content around the global credentials of the consultants in treating for superior.
  • Medical outcomes and also providing comprehensive care for women’s cardiac health – a major issue in Australia.
The positioning accentuated their strengths and uniqueness:
  • Years of clinical and research experience of the consultants
  • Global credibility and recognition received by the consultants
  • State–of-the-art equipment for tests and procedures
  • Clinical research on women’s cardiac health

Marketing on Tap: Asset Development

  • Developed the logo, website, and all patient facing collateral aligned to the company’s new messaging, vision, mission and brand values.
  • Website to change their online brand positioning from being an investigations clinic to a team of leading cardiologists from Australia and New Zealand.
  • Developed complete set of stationery and collateral to re-emphasize their visual identity and messaging.


  • Aaroh was successful in assessing and highlighting the USPs of the Clinic and position it appropriately by means of an effective storyline communicated to the audience.
  • Victorian is now able to proudly broadcast itself to many GPs and patients beyond Word of Mouth – across Victoria and neighbouring states.
  • Highly technical segment in a multi-cultural environment.
  • Converted a stressful topic into a positive amalgamation of seriousness and positive outcomes, possible under the guidance of the highly experienced consultants.
  • Versatility of Industry segments and geographies that can be handled by Aaroh was evidenced by this specialised, scientific content for a health market very different from India.

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