Aaroh develops a product launch strategy for an architecture firm


A 3D visualization and rendering company approached us to develop a salient brand for their new software product and help launch this revolutionary, VR-first, patented and award-winning platform for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction community.

CMO on Demand: Building a new identity

  • Comprehensive consultation sessions structured around identifying the company’s value proposition: brand direction, vision, mission and promise to customers.
  • Message house development, message hierarchy for a unified approach to the company’s current offerings and new product launch.
  • Development of a brand identity for the new product: consolidating the opinions of multiple stakeholders into a distinct brand with distinct values, designed to break new ground in the VR community.
  • Strategy for all-around digital presence with aligned messaging, look and feel.
  • Complete planning for a product launch, external events, email communications for launch.

Marketing on Tap: Launching the product

  • Developed the approach for the new product’s primary asset and delivery tool – the website.
  • In-depth website content strategy based on value proposition and messaging.
  • Delivered a comprehensive website significantly sharper in its messaging and approach compared to the competition

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