Soft Options is a leading state-of-the-art textile manufacturing company who have successfully created an impact with the top European and American brands. With long standing core values and a strong understanding of the international market for more than 7 decades, SoftOptions’ customer base includes well known retail brands across the UK, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, France, Norway and the USA. They were quick to realise the challenges of the COVID19 times and wanted a brand makeover and outreach program to compensate for their Business Development initiatives like Exhibitions, meetings with clients on location, etc. Aaroh helped them create a brand strategy to promote their capabilities of design and delivery in the global arena to reach new clients even during the Covid19 crisis.

CMO on Demand: Brand Messaging, Brand and Marketing Strategy

  • Created their key messages to develop and position their brand around it for consistent communication. The messaging worked upon showcased the underlying value proposition that resonated with the brand’s core values and the company’s core offerings. This was developed in a way to let them specifically target their audience highlighting the key messages developed by Aaroh.
  • Reinventing the customer value proposition and bringing out their Core Values, Strengths, Unique Value Proposition and brand promises to deliver to their end-users.

Marketing on Tap: Developing the brand assets

  • Set up and manage tools for the awareness programs: website, video, mailers, other corporate communication materials.
  • Created corporate videos to promote, capture and connect with the global customers – taking the state-of-the-art infrastructure to the customers world over.
  • Improved their social media strategy to establish a more cohesive and consistent social presence online.


  • Ability to showcase infrastructure to customers in the day and age of lack of opportunities to travel.
  • Introduced their new collection 2021 to prospects who would have otherwise witnessed it during the annual events for 2021, which stand cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic.
  • The rebranding projected their lineage and good will in this market, combined with workmanship and modern technology of the factory to the customers. Gave them greater credibility with their clients.
  • Active Social Media connecting with Buyers continuously and presenting latest options.
  • Delivered during COVID19 times by Aaroh showcasing the commitment to deliver for our clients even with increased delivery timelines due to scattered teams adding to the complexity of a drastically different customer mindset

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