Aaroh captured on film on the 30+ years of collaboration between USFS and Forest Research Institute


US Forest Services (USFS), International programs worked with Forest Research Institute and Wildlife Institute of India for over 30 years to jointly run programs to conserve forests and wildlife. USFS at this juncture decided to record this highly successful association that has added value to both Indian and US conservation programs. Documenting a collaboration of over 30 years between the US and Indian Government in the area of Forest and wildlife conservation through the medium of succinct short film.

CMO on Demand: Creating an approach, developing the storyline

  • Identifying key elements of the project over the last 30 years.
  • Going through the history of the collaboration, identifying anecdotes, photographs and key milestones.
  • Bringing them together into an interesting and historic narration told over 30 years.
  • Creating an interesting story that embodies the essence of the collaboration while incorporating personal anecdotes, major achievements, future of the collaboration, the effect it has had on the relationships at a personal as well community and the government levels.

Marketing on the Tap: Creating the film

  • On location shoot, editing and finalization into a short, interesting and informative film which will be used globally as an important showcase for USFS collaborations with governments across the world towards conservation of forests and wildlife.

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