Building the most credible name for Personal Protective Equipment


Udyogi is India’s leading PPE manufacturer and sole representative in India for some of the largest PPE players in the world. Udyogi has been making workplaces safer for over 4 decades. Udyogi wanted to transition from a products manufacturer and trader to stake a claim to being the most credible name in PPE in India. Aaroh has worked with Udyogi to position Udyogi as the premier Safety Consultants in India for large and small manufacturing and construction companies. Aaroh has worked with Udyogi to align its skills and develop its new offerings in line with the skills available within the organisation and credibility it enjoys with the customers. Aaroh has created a credible storyline and communication program to ensure acceptability and excitement internally and with immediate stakeholders.

CMO on Demand

Brand and Marketing Strategy
  • Identified new audience segments to target while defining the new positioning by developing a focused messaging and communication strategy.
  • Created brand messaging and visual identity to have a consistent communication across all media channels. Mapping their current brand positioning to a future brand positioning i.e. transitioning to a different brand perception.
  • New Offering

    • Created two SBUs as an extension of their current business.
    • New Offerings are expected to give them opportunity to enter many more client organisations and give them a “tip of the spear” advantage for their existing business immediately.
    • In the long term, these are expected to become stand-alone large contributors to the overall revenue.

    Commercial excellence

    • Sharply defined sales organization and channel strategy – identifying abilities and skills of entire sales organization – internal and external. Creating 3 layers within the sales organization and aligning specific buckets of products to these categories. Creating more clarity and accountability within the sales organisation.
    • Create internal processes to streamline sales funnel reducing leakage from the sales funnel.
    • Launching an internal communication plan to engage the team and contribute towards taking Udyogi to new growth trajectory. Supporting organizational goals with appropriate trainings and sales enablement programs in high growth areas.

    Marketing on Tap: Asset Development

    • Developed the tag line, website, portal and all sales collateral including content aligned to the company’s new messaging, vision, mission and brand values.
    • Rolling out fresh and improved marketing and sales collaterals to support new sales organisation.
    • Developed a complete set of stationery and collateral aligned to the new brand image.
    • Updated the print media collaterals.
    • Created internal communication material for the launch to create alignment within the organisation for the new tagline and website.


    • Redefined the brand identity.
    • Created an image which helps audiences recognise the years of experience and solutions that Udyogi has to offer.
    • Helping Udyogi change the brand perception from a hard hat or helmet company to Head to Toe PPE solutions company.
    • Restructuring model for commercial excellence by helping Udyogi implement aligned sales processes with the distributor demands.
    • Creating a milestone based road map for growth using multiple channels.
    • Helping Udyogi be recognised as a solution provider and Innovator in the safety space.

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