Foot on Shoes was among most respected footwear exporter of shoes to lifestyle brands in Europe. They have been present for over 4 decades in Agra with the current management being the third generation in the business. With expansion plans in place and various business models being in consideration for their brands, they needed a strategic approach to the market. They also needed a marketing approach to scale client base.

CMO On Demand: Brand and Marketing Strategy, Messaging

  • Consolidated their approach to the market by rationalising their multiple brands and narrowing down on their brand for the future – Black Tulip.
  • Market segmentation: Helped them to rationalise their approach to the market aligned to their strengths and competitive scenario. To build One brand and One approach to their business in their sweet spot and strength areas.
  • Key messages: Defined the audience segmentation clearly and developed their positioning, created cohesive messaging and story line for all future communications. This is designed to help them to stand out among the crowded market and appeal to strong brands which are looking for partners with lineage and credibility.

Marketing on Tap: Asset Development

  • Build the tools for the outreach programs: website, video, corporate brochures.
  • Created corporate videos to boost, engage and connect with the customers – taking the factory to the customers who can’t travel to Agra.
  • Created a guide for agents to position Black Tulip better in new markets.
  • Developed a complete set of stationery, collaterals and image bank to re-emphasize their visual identity and messaging in their marketing campaigns.
  • Supported post-COVID communications with their clients.


  • When customers couldn’t travel, a well told story through the short film gave procurement managers a very good view of the strengths and infrastructure of Black Tulip.
  • The rebranding and repositioning enabled them to showcase the lineage and good will in this business, combined with workmanship and modern technology of the factory to the customers.
  • Redefining their communications during COVID helped them with efficient communication demonstrating flexibility to be able to operate during times of crisis.
  • Delivered during COVID times by Aaroh showcasing the commitment to deliver for our clients even with increased delivery timelines due to scattered teams working on delivering projects requiring multiskilled teams.

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