Attracting quality talent: Aaroh enabled Saintgits to improve the quality of student intake by increasing traction


Saintgits got in touch with Aaroh to be seen and heard in larger parts of Kerala, neighboring states and some other countries in order to attract high quality students from a larger geography.

CMO on Demand: Brand Strategy

  • Sharpen audience segmentation and positioning.
  • Created the brand identity program.
  • Brought parents into the mix due to the role that they play for undergraduate studies.

CMO On Demand: Marketing Strategy

  • Built on the innovations program and faculty credentials at Saintgits to engage students.
  • Established a robust online presence and engaged the community on the key events.Established a robust online presence and engaged the community on the key events.
  • Initiated end-to-end digital campaign plans for different parts of the year, widening the audience set including parents and students from 16-22 years in larger parts of Kerala and neighbouring states.
  • Advised on a comprehensive marketing program, processes and admissions process.
  • Created offline programs for visibility among school children and their parents.
  • Helped improve the in-house marketing team and information.

CMO On Demand: Marketing Strategy and Planning

New Offerings

  • Helped them crystalise on two new departments and strategy for positioning them among students.

Commercial Excellence

  • Introduced CRM for robust tracking of lead.
  • Created visibility for admissions process across the leadership team for close tracking.

Marketing on Tap: Campaign rollouts

  • Revamped the website and improved the ranking in search engines by incorporating onsite and offpage SEO initiatives and social media campaigns.
  • Consolidating and establishing social media presence for each of the colleges through the official pages.
  • Managing Facebook/Twitter/Instagram pages – creating content calendars by associating with key leaders of the individual institutes within Saintgits.
  • Increasing social media engagements for promoting the college fests, patents, innovations, achievements and other extra-curricular activities in a regular basis.
  • Managing the YouTube channel to give the audiences a glimpse of the “Life at Saintgits”.
  • Initiating campaigns to reach out to more +2 students from across Kerala, other states and middle east countries.


  • In these times of plunging admission rates in BTech/Engineering, Aaroh was successful in increasing the number of high-quality applications from students year on year by 30%.
  • Applications for other colleges also increased by 30-40%.
  • Applications from students with over 90% marks in +2 increased from 3-4 per year to 94 last year – within 2 admission seasons, 2.5 years of association with Aaroh.
  • Consistent communication on social media platforms enabled stronger community connect between students and prospective students and parents.
  • Successful campaigns resulting in lead acquisition at 1/5th of the costs as per published industry standards year on year.

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