Evolve or Perish – Digital Transformation is the Future

Reinvent your business with Digital Transformation Strategies to adapt with the “New Normal”.

Digital Transformation for Businesses has become a necessity in this day and age of a Pandemic which has severely hit businesses. Businesses are struggling to cope with the uncertainties and a “New Normal”.

Most SMEs now recognize the urgency of digital adoption across the board both for survival and to remain frugal to cope with this unprecedented situation. However, SMEs often don’t know where to start.

Build Top Line, Streamline Operations, Optimise Bottom Line

For small and medium companies keen to expand their reach, the sales team’s lack of access to clients has become one of the major business challenges. To achieve sustainable growth, SMEs need to quickly embrace digital technologies which gives them access to clients through the digital platforms encompassing a new set of customer touchpoints. By leveraging modern technology tools for marketing automation—SMEs can reach new customers in new geographies with their offerings.

Streamlining operations to cope with “Work from Home” and Remote access, migration to Cloud, Integration of business apps, secure access to data has become critical. Business Automation using ERP, CRM and other BI/MIS tools have become critical in the absence of data availability from our teams.

The need to keep complete control over costs, relook at the debt structure and leverage, have a complete understanding of the sales pipeline and status of orders and cost to serve – Finance becomes an important part of the Digital Transformation exercise. Leaders are keeping a full-stack view of their organisations using tech interventions across the board.

Digital Transformation Tools

As Cloud has become commonplace and affordable, business intelligence solutions are now easily accessible to SMEs. SMEs can make better, more informed business decisions, and nimbly adjust their product offering. Integrating AI solutions into SMEs can help them organize and automate laborious workflows efficiently, and deliver highly-personal customer experiences at no extra cost. Empowering frontline employees is key to success for SMEs as they are the first to interact with your clients. Digital transformation services give employees working independently from home or from locations outside the office more access to information and allows them to deliver a consistent brand experience.

Lower pace of adoption of Digital Transformation Solutions

Although the digital landscape is constantly changing, significant differences emerge between the ways SMEs and large enterprises are using technology to operate. According to various digital transformation studies, SMEs are far behind in comparison to large enterprises. The level of digital transformation of SMEs and large enterprises, suggests that SMEs are facing challenges in adopting digital first business models. “These projects were implemented faster in 2020 by larger corporates than in any previous year – on average three times faster as per reports. The pace of change within organisations is expected to accelerate further over the next year or so as enterprises continue to look to technology innovation to survive and thrive in a challenging marketplace. One of the biggest impending tasks will be the need to drive transformation at speed.”

The low prioritisation by SMEs ensures that capital allocation for digital transformation, in comparison to large enterprises, is a constraint on the ability of SMEs to invest in their digital transformation services. Many SMEs name uncertainty about the net benefits of digitalization as an important barrier to investing in digital transformation services.

We Can Help You Face Digital Transformation

While digital transformation offers SMEs opportunities to innovate and grow, significant barriers remain preventing the realization of these opportunities, creating delays as well as losses with the wrong partners who do not have the business and industry background to implement these strategies, models and tools. Aaroh brings over 100 years of accumulated experience from Fortune 100 and Big 5 Consulting firms to enable Businesses to maximise their investments on Digital transformation. Aaroh creates a detailed roadmap to transform the company’s market presence and operations to achieve higher revenue and profitable growth.

Developing and implementing Digital Transformation strategies for clients across various domains, Aaroh translates customer insights to provide Digital Transformation Services to boost the end-customer engagement and scale-up businesses.

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