Defining Your Brand Identity?

Aaroh is empowering Faith Automation to better communicate as a brand


Faith Automation, a B2B precision engineering automation company serving marquee car manufacturers, wished to scale up its sales and marketing efforts by simplifying their hyper technical communications to reach a larger number of stakeholders. Aaroh’s continuing efforts with this firm exemplify a commitment to marketing strategy and effective communication.

CMO on Demand: Marketing Strategy, Messaging, Brand Development

  • Developed a messaging hierarchy to better position and develop a wholesome identity for the company
  • Developed brand positioning, brand identity, core values, vision, mission statement, visual identity and content guidelines
  • Developed clearer communication solutions with their audience, a stronger team, sharper messaging
  • We are additionally focused on documenting their customer stories, revamping their public facing assets and creating a larger sales team

Marketing on Tap: Communications Development

  • Developed the website including content, look & feel and functionality
  • Developed a new corporate deck and a new technical deck aligned to the company’s new messaging, vision, mission and brand values

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