CII’s Chai pe Marketing

CII and Aaroh as the knowledge partner presented “Chai pe Marketing” in New Delhi for SMEs.

Marketing experts Ms. Arundhati Mukherjee, Ms. Meenakshi Sarkar, and Mr. Dinesh Mahajan addressed SME leaders. The discussion started with showcasing the importance of SMEs – the growth engine of 2020.

Over the years, SMEs have come to the forefront in every industry. New entrepreneurs are coming up, talent has started moving from large corporates to budding entrepreneurial ventures.
A level playing field has been created due to the technology, increased market access, and globalization. Travel costs have reduced and has helped create global citizens. With these factors creating a level playing field, SMEs were encouraged to be ambitious and consider the whole world as their market.

Examples of young brands which have reached new heights in a few years were given to encourage SMEs to think big. If we look 5 years back, brands like Uber and Airbnb, where did they stand? They were nothing as compared to today’s position. All they did was to dream bigger. Putting dreams and hard work together can take SMEs to altogether a different level.

Furthermore, it’s important to develop and nurture the brand and customer relationships for the survival and growth of a business.

The event also witnessed the importance of building the basic digital presence of the brands. Our expert Ms. Arundhati Mukherjee talked about why it is important to have a website, social media accounts, and SEO marketing in place. She explained the mistakes that usually the SMEs make.

Ms. Meenakshi Sarkar, head of corporate communications from Hero Future Energies helped SMEs with very specific tools to initiate their social media marketing. She helped organizations understand that no matter what their size they can reach global audiences through these platforms and therefore create a global brand.

Mr. Dinesh Mahajan, MD, Prakash Labels explained the importance of labeling. Labels deliver the sales pitch from the shelf. With increasing competition in every segment, labels help in differentiating a product from the rest. He explained the journey of labels from insignificant to significant.

Summing up, CII’s Chai pe Marketing allowed SME leaders to have a discussion on how SMEs have used or can use marketing to expand their businesses and put themselves on a completely different growth trajectory.

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