Date & Time: 1 October 2019 at 14:30 hrs
Venue: 5th Floor, Andhra Association 24 and 25,
Institutional Area Lodi Road, New Delhi

CII presents Chai pe Marketing in association with Aaroh Marketing and Communications as Knowledge Partner of SME Marketing on 1st October 2019.

The SME segment, has become ambitious like never before. Small brands are taking on international MNC brands. However, the success stories are few and far in between. With top products, skilled workforce, SMEs are stymied by the lack of access to global markets. They are also underserved from a marketing perspective as top marketing skills are chasing large companies. SMEs often lack access to the marketing skills required to reach wider/global markets. With larger ambitions, access to unserved markets becomes the key to the growth envisaged by the entrepreneurs. Leaders, business owners and CEOs are recognising the need to invest in the market just like they invest in plant and machinery, talent, etc.

Chai Pe Marketing aims to discuss the opportunities and challenges faced by SMEs in a critical area of increasing access to larger markets. With level playing fields in the area of access to technology, finance and strong talent base, this access then becomes the key to the growth of the SMEs.

Chai pe Marketing is a platform for SME leaders to discuss with marketing leaders and fellow compatriots on how SMEs have used or can use this critical function to expand their markets and put themselves on a completely different growth trajectory.